Warehouses and conveying systems

Warehouses and storehousess, and the automated or manual conveying systems that generally astructure them are issues of important consequences: it is necessary to avoid shortages of conveying elements, blockages in intermediate areas, to find acceptable response times, gain square meters, absorb fluctuations in orders, and size docks, fleets, etc. sometimes according to fine adjustments on conveyor speeds.

The accumulation conveyors offered in ExtendSim allow a very subtle configuration of their role in a conveyor system. Some aspects were detailed in a dedicated article.

This project intended to size the pallet transport equipment, in order to assess the number of AGVs needed in the warehouse, estimate the average response time to an order, as well as the maximum possible load for the warehouse.

For each movement of an AGV, an algorithm in the model searches for the shortest route between its starting position and its destination, and also manages the vehicle’s route for possible crossings with another vehicle.

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