Service industries and the whole tertiary sector seek to meet a highly variable rate of demand with a hopefully constant rate of service, having to deal with task priority, resource cost, crewing patterns… and random human behavior!

For customer assistance, mail orders, internet sales, in banks, insurance companies, medical assistance and public services, call centers, whatever are their sizes and structure, must be able to quickly direct calls, avoiding a too long waiting time and differed answers.

The sequence of operations and the algorithms for routing calls are usually easily represented in discrete models, and using a simulation software like ExtendSim gives access to statistical distribution laws reproducing the type of calls proportions.

In this call center, the impact of feedback after commercial prospection actions is studied, in order to ensure new incoming demands will be correctly treated, and also to evaluate which sales operations had the best feedback.

The model helped optimize the strategies for routing incoming calls, and to better use the shifts of agents and hotliners.

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