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A new sart for ExtendSim

The American developer of the ExtendSim® software, Imagine That Inc., announces its acquisition by the international technology group ANDRITZ.

For several years, ANDRITZ teams around the world have been using ExtendSim, and their Group Automation and Digitalization division in the United States is developing and marketing IDEAS process simulation tools, which are based on the ExtendSim engine.

For ExtendSim users, this does not change many things, 1Point2 remains a local distributor, providing support, training and simulation studies, while the same Imagine That team in the United States continues its development, marketing, sales and support activity of ExtendSim. The ExtendSim developer team will be reinforced with ANDRITZ resources already when preparing the next version of the software.

March 2021

1Point2 will manage distributorship of ExtendSim products and services in Germany and Austria starting 1 March 2021.

1Point2, partner of Imagine That! Inc. and providing ExtendSim software, services, and training for over 3 decades, is already distributor of ExtendSim in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Our knowledge of ExtendSim, our experience in many fields where simulation applies, should satisfy German and Austrian users – and our team is happy to share skills to their service.

November 2020

The 2018 Winter Simulation Conference is held from December 9th to 12th in Gothenburg (Sweden). All kinds of experts in simulation will be there to exchange and present innovations and realizations. This year the global theme is “Simulation for a Noble Cause“, and will examine many different approaches for simulation to help answering global issues, either social, medical, environmental, etc.

In December 1987, Dominique Pitt created 1Point2. In France the internet was a Minitel, laptops did not yet exist or offered black and white – overpriced. Back then we still wrote “I love you” instead of I♥U or a red heart smiley. The discrete event simulation was only just starting to reach some happy few managers, but we already suspected the potential of this technique and its sustainability. Some of you are first-time customers who remember the training sessions using ExtendSim illustrated with a real 24 × 36 FujiChrome slide show. Others have arrived more recently and we don’t know each other without LinkedIn or Google.

Extend was initially only used on a Macintosh (at a time when Apple was very different), and became accessible on Windows 95, precisely in 1995. Then tired of seeing “extend your p… .s” with each Google autocompletion, our favorite workflow simulation software has become ExtendSim.

Thanks to you 1Point2 is 30 years old. This is, it seems, the other age of reason. However, we hope to keep this little grain of madness and creativity that has never interfered with the seriousness of our studies.

Thanks to you, we have been able to study sectors of activity as varied as aeronautics, oyster farming, nuclear waste treatment or pharmaceutical production. Thanks to you, we are a little less ignorant and know the dynamics of ecosystems such as the Lofoten Fiords or the Thau lagoon. Thanks to you, we know how to plan corn so as to avoid overloading the downstream seed processing plant, and the sizing of conveyors on a packaging line no longer scares us. Above all, these thirty years have passed very quickly by your side and will leave us enthusiastic for the decades to come, because we know that there is still so much to learn and discover thanks to the simulation projects that you entrust to us…

A road traveled thanks to you and with you: a big thank you to everyone!

March 2016

11th-13th April 2016 saw the return of the Operational Research Society’s biennial simulation workshop (SW16).  The conference welcomed an excellent mix of delegates from the fields of simulation practice and research.  It covered applications and theoretical developments across all simulation methods, such as agent-based simulation, system dynamics, discrete-event simulation and monte-carlo simulation.


After having done two specific models for Lille and Toulouse Metros, 1Point2 decided to create a metatool which would enable a non-specialist in simulation to build its own public transportation network model and use it to answer various questions about resources, timetables, evolution of the network, utilization of vehicles, reaction to traffic peaks or unusual events.

VINCI “Procédés et Techniques” prize for an ExtendSim model

The company VINCI gave its award “Prix de l’Innovation VINCI 2015 pour la région Grand Ouest” (Innovation prize for the West Region of France) to the ExtendSim model called OSILI. The model studies the TGV line Tours-Bordeaux on design and operational issues, to see if high-speed trains meet reliability, availability and regularity criteria.

For example, the model simulates incidents on the line to appreciate their impact, calculate the entailed delays. Simulation provides precise results, close to reality. It makes it possible to replay incidents, and better evaluate the arbitration rules then selected.

The model should be extended in order to study other lines and new trains.

See the presentation made by Vinci (English subtitles!).

Mars 2014