Modular software
suitable for any type of use

On a same set of functionalities and simulation engine, ExtendSim is available in three products, from basic to comprehensive, which you will choose according to your needs.

ExtendSim CP

ExtendSim CP is the core of the ExtendSim tools. Its essentials features are present in all ExtendSim products, plus specialized components for modeling continuous processes.

ExtendSim DE

ExtendSim DE is the ExtendSim configuration meant for discrete events simulations, and is used to analyze virtual or physical flows where temporal events cause moves or changes in the state of a system. It is the most used product for industrial studies or the optimization of organizations.

ExtendSim Pro

ExtendSim PRO provides flow simulation with essential functionalities for modeling continuous and hybrid flows, as found in the process industry. Also allows to model reliability diagrams. It is the complete toolkit for the simulation professional.

Prices and configuration

ExtendSim is offered in a bilingual French and English version, in individual or floating licenses.