ExtendSim enhancements from 10.0.6 to 10.0.7

November 2020

Blocks • New and Improved Features

Batch (Item library): Created procedure Bprc_DynamicDataTable to enable dynamic linking to the batch quantities & attributes input dialog tables.

Executive (Item library): Added call to dlg_buildModelBlockConnsTable in BLOCKRECEIVE8. Added reference to new ASP include file and replaced calls to dlg* procedures with ASP* procedures in BLOCKRECEIVE8.

Resource Manager (Item library): Added new dialog button ExportResourceClasses_BTN in Resources table to manually trigger the creation of the [Resource Classes] table using current content in [Pools], [Resources], and [Groups] tables. Added call to RMdlg_enableDisableButton to manage a new button for exporting resource class definitions. Added new checkbox ExportResultsToSeparateTbls_chk to the Results tab to support new functionality for breaking out resource results in the [Resources] table to a separate table. Added a new dynamic array for use in the validation of resource requirement expressions table content. Added new variables and logic to better manage dialog refreshing. Added new data structures to more completely capture information for resource change groups.

Resource Pool (Item library): Moved locally defined constants related to Resource Pool queues and allocation policies into the RP constants v10.h include file.

Throw Item (Item library): New implementation: Added an option to set an attribute with my Throw block number.

Merge & Diverge (Rate library): Added a warning to prevent the use of sensor blocks or sensing mode in Merge & Diverge blocks.

Component, Distribution Builder, End Node, Event Builder, and Start Node (Reliability library): Added block Help.

HistogramHistogram (Chart library): Increased the maximum number of bins and maximum number of bars.

Line Chart and Scatter Chart (Chart library): Added the ability to filter data on schedule in continuous models.

Chart & Report libraries: Cleaned up categories for all Chart and Report library blocks and hid them in the Library menu. Hidden Categories with respective Subcategories in the Chart and Report libraries are:

Chart > Bar Charts >
• Bar Chart
• Histogram

Chart > Line Charts >
• DB Line Chart
• Line Chart
• Scatter Chart

Report > Information >
• Item Log Manager
• Reports Manager

Report > Statistics >
• Cost Stats
• DB Statistics
• Statistics

Template library: Enhanced all hierarchical blocks in the Templates library with updated documentation. queue conditionsAdded new hierarchical block to the Templates library… Queue – Empty Based on Conditions that shows how to empty a Queue based on one of two conditions:  When the Queue block is full.  When an item has spent a maximum number of units of time in the Queue. If either of these conditions are present, all items in the Queue will be forced to leave

Application • New and Improved Features

Using a new version of QT – 5.14.

Switch control now toggles when clicked, making it much easier to change the state of the switch from off to on and vice versa.

Added Find Me button to all dialogs so user can find where owning block resides.

Functions • New

String DIGetName(long blockNum, integer dialogID) returns the dialog item name from the item’s dialogID.

Integer LibrariesOpen(StringDynamicArrayName) returns the list of library names in the String dynamic array.

String LibraryUsed(integer blockNum, data02Ptr blockData) returns the name of the library that owns blockNum.

Enhanced getDialogItemInfo() to allow a “which” of 11 which returns the item’s dialog tab number.

Minor enhancements, bug corrections : see detailed list