Since 1987 1Point2 has supported companies in their improvements and organization by using dynamic flow simulation techniques.

A pioneer in the process in France, 1Point2 is recognized as an expert in this profession, having been confronted with the most varied problems and companies. She has been the editor of ExtendSim since the 1990s, developing a high-quality technical partnership with its designer. 1Point2 has trained generations of ExtendSim users, and applied the software for classical models, or very unusual, even surprising. In the last 10 years, 1Point2 has developed a specific skill on pedestrian simulation

Our team carries out projects based on simulation techniques: (re)organization of workshops, validation before investment, studies of multimodal centers, optimization of production lines, sizing of installations, testing of systems in extreme conditions, etc.

1Point2 trains its clients on how to use the American software she distributes: ExtendSim, generic software for discrete, continuous and mixed simulations, Pathfinder, pedestrian simulator, and Pyrosim, fire and smoke simulation software (both from the same designer Thunderhead Engineering Consultants).

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Models of pedestrian simulation built with Pathfinder

Models of fire simulation built with PyroSim