Airports and terminals issues

HUBSIM is a comprehensive solution to simulate and optimize passengers flow in airports. This application simulates precisely every single passenger from arrival plane landing to departure plane boarding in large multi-modal infrastructures. It takes into account walking traveling time, passport and/or baggage checking (with resource affectation optimization), finite capacity bus or shuttle transfers in large airports, as well as different passenger types (high/low contribution, reduced mobility PAX, children etc.).

Shuttles routes and timetables, check-point size, door assignment to planes, are all factors contributing that a passenger catches a connecting flight. ExtendSim simulates a whole day at Charles de Gaulle Airport in less than 5 minutes (about 100 000 PAX). User-friendly interface and easy import/export to MS Access database allow users to setup scenarios and make customized reports. HUBSIM becomes the perfect tool for precise infrastructure design, security and evacuation planning and management.

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