Flow studies, training and assistance

1Point2 has been using flow simulation as its core business for more than 25 years: first specialized in standard manufacturing, we have broadened our scope to model complex systems in the world of transport networks, services, logistics…

Our team has extensive experience in simulation issues, and in how to conduct flow studies. Having been confronted with a large number of cases, we know how to focus on flows, ask the right questions to distinguish what is essential to the modeling of a real case, and what is superfluous, or should only be included in a second, more detailed study.

We act at any stage of a project:

  • To train your team in ExtendSim and simulation, for a study that you will conduct yourself.
  • To deliver a turnkey model you will use to experiment scenarios and test variants.
  • To conduct the full study as you see fit, provide you with conclusions and graphics for your decision makers.

Model development

Flow simulation is our core business : Pioneers in France in the technique, we have unparalleled experience in the variety of simulation issues encountered, and in the use of ExtendSim.

By entrusting us with your flow simulation study you will have the guarantee of a professional achievement… that your teams will be able to use and share!

Training and Assistance

All at once simulation specialist, editor of the bilingual French version and expert user of the software, 1Point2 offers training for using ExtendSim, adaptable to yours needs, and modular in three to five days or more depending on the program.

We also offer technical assistance for the realization of your first model, in the form of hours used at the steps of your choice on your project.