ExtendSim enhancements from 10.0.7 to 10.0.8

August 2021

Blocks • New and Improved Features

History (Item library)

  • Add: new checkbox which will resize columns automatically when filled up / Open model /Setup / check the option / resize.

Resource Manager (Item library)

  • Updated call to RMfcn_addResources to accommodate new argument for initial resource quantity.

History(R) (Rate library)

  • Allow to change the view of the block’s to and from Status. Not being able to do it created some problems because it could not right-connect in between hierarchical block connectors.

Tank & Interchange (Rate library)

  • Add results: contents average, content Max and Mins.

Tank, Interchange, & Convey Flow (Rate library)

  • Add result: cumulative time the tank level has been in each indicator.

DB Line Chart (Chart library)

  • Improved code: When in openmodel, if the block detects a problem and gives an error message, don’t abort opening the model.

Animate Value (Animation library)

  • Improved code: Be smarter in setting GetSimulateMsgs(FALSE) to avoid calling on simulate if not necessary.

Application • New and Improved Features

  • Analysis RunTime product can now open regular (.lbr) library types rather than only RunTime libraries.
  • Added new type of text file: .rsm
  • Now detects integer blank entries as NoValue, not 0, which is a valid entry.
  • Now allows default PDF printing to a single page for a model.
  • Charts have rubber-band zoom if right-clicked.
  • Chart’s Data tab can now be cloned like the Graph tab.
  • Dashed line added to Border/Line Thickness tool.
  • For a Floating license, added Roaming status to model’s Title Bar.
  • You can now right-click on the icon pane (not on the icon itself) in a block structure to add an animation object.

Functions • New

  • DBGetLinkedDialogsList() – To find all the linked dialog items in a model.
  • DBGetLinkedContentList() – To find all the linked database content items in a model.
  • DBGetLinkedStructureList() – To find all the linked database structure items in a model.
  • MaintenanceSupportPlanExpired() – Checks the maintenance date of the license to determine if it has expired.
  • GetBlockTabNames() – Gets all the tab names for a block’s dialog.
  • ServerOpenPort() – Sets ExtendSim as a listener on that port.
  • EColorToHTML() – Gets the HTML color as a string for publishing an HTML page.

Minor enhancements, bug corrections : see detailed list