Identify the strengths and specificities of ExtendSim

ExtendSim was designed to be generic software with specialized libraries: an extremely complete toolbox to deal with any type of flow simulation case, and which allows each type of user to find the required functions for their model.

Accessible: to a beginner, to a limited budget

The modeling by graphical connection of computer objects representing the components of a system allows a quick start and an intuitive understanding of the models. A short training course makes the “blocks” of the libraries supplied with ExtendSim usable in efficient models.

Visual indicators integrated into the blocks and graphs available give complete feedback on what is happening during the simulation, without having to build dashboards of results or intricate reports.

Cooperative: able to use your data and programs

ExtendSim has its own database tool, to centralize and structure information. In addition, it facilitates the exchange of data with other programs, by fixed or dynamic links using the COM/ActiveX Windows and ODBC/SQL standards, by objects or functions available as input and output, and in particular between MS Excel or databases (Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle) and the simulation tool.

Scalable: from unusual to very complex

So that the modeller is never blocked by standard and simplifying representations, the multiple functions of ExtendSim and its development language make it possible to extend the possibilities of the environment, including creating objects specific to a field or a problem (production constraints, management rules, specific organization).

The components themselves are not black boxes. The code is Open Source and can be customized, the logics leading to a decision are transparent at all times.

Flexible: your interface, your indicators, your specifics

To each user his own interface for the model: neophyte or seasoned modeler, with tens or thousands of parameters as input, with tables or curves as output, basic or sophisticated animation, each ExtendSim simulation model will be different from another, and totally ergonomic in the design chosen.

Fast: in modelling and in simulating

In the user interface, everything is done to help build the model: intelligent links between blocks, sub-models saved in hierarchical blocks to be reused elsewhere, “dashboard” with everything at hand, interactivity including during simulation.

The execution of the simulations is also very fast, the last version of ExtendSim having been rewritten for a 64 bit architecture, and all the blocks being compiled in the type C language used by the software.