ExtendSim DE

Created mainly to simulate manufacturing systems, ExtendSim give precious information to understand industrial organization, and generally to observe dynamic complex systems and their performances, for operations management in the world of business, logistics and industry (reengineering, Six Sigma, QRM, Lean Manufacturing).

Each question gets a numerical answer that has been computed using the constraints of the industrial system!

ExtendSim DE is the ExtendSim configuration meant for discrete events simulations, and is used to analyze virtual or physical flows where temporal events cause moves or changes in the state of a system. The program comes with components to model bottlenecks, random phenomena, resource usage, operating rules, observe stocks, or manufacturing cycles in order to measure the productivity and the profitability of the represented process. Its modeling capacities are never short.

ExtendSim DE is used to validate scenarios for industrial organizations or enhancing production rules in existing systems, to optimize industrial processes as well as to contribute to operations management. The dynamic computer prototype can embed controlling constraints, numeric random parameters, and provides quantitative, graphical and statistical answers that may support all the dimensions of a project. A simulation model is needed for Scheduling, Innovation, Manufacturing or Supply Chain.

ExtendSim DE (discrete events models) adds to ExtendSim CP :

  • Discrete event architecture
  • Customizable queuing algorithms (FIFO, LIFO, according priority or other property/calculation)
  • Attributes, priorities, properties management, to identify items in the flows and be used as basis for decisions
  • Statistical analysis with integrated cost calculation (by operation, time-weighted)
  • Dedicated components to manufacturing models and workshop simulation (machines, shutdowns, conveyors, queues, labor, etc.)
  • Custom shifts for controlling resources and activities
  • Status of activities (Off-shift, Idle, Down, Blocked…)
  • Items batching and unbatching, according any rules
  • Complex resource manager block
  • Includes a scenario manager to design and run experiments on models
  • Includes Stat::Fit for analyzing random distributions.

Plus all ExtendSim CP (databases, hierarchy, interactivity, data links, etc.)

Download a fact sheet about ExtendSim