ExtendSim Courses

1Point2 is an authorized company for vocational training* and an ExtendSim training provider. Our training courses are aimed at engineers, decision-makers, consultants, Industrial Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing, Planning Departments.

Our training sessions for groups up to 6 attendees are conducted by engineers working for 1Point2. With their expertise gained over the years, they focus on practical exercises, as well as understanding concepts and tools through concrete and immediate use. Half a day is usually devoted to a case study submitted by participants, which enables them to solve specific technical issues or to start a simulation project on the best basis.

Aside the first level course with ExtendSim, we created a 3-day course meant for regular users of ExtendSim who have already built models, with skills in advanced concepts and tools (animation, hierarchy, integration of databases, programming, block exchanges) and in some specific aspects of the software programming language.

Sessions are held in our premises or your premises, or as on-line training.

*1Point2 is registered with n°82 3805540.38 (this is not a State approval).

Assistance for modeling

1Point2 can assist you in building your first model, in order to get you on the right track, both for the project methodology and regarding the modeling tools or the exploitation of the results.

Within the scope of assistance hours, exchanges by email and screen sharing punctuate your development, according to your needs. You can thus save time and increase your competence by working on your own models.